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Poem - The life that I have.

Posted on 22nd August, 2012

While watching one of my favourite films just recently, the story of Violette Szabo,  one of the most bravest women of

World War 2   (  Film Title - Carve Her Name With Pride  )  I came across some amazing facts about the wonderful poem

associated with this film,  The Life that I have.  As follows



                                 The life that I have

                                 Is all that I have

                                 And the life that I have

                                           Is yours.

                                The love that I have

                                Of the life that I have

                                Is yours and yours and yours.

                                A sleep I shall have

                                A rest I shall have

                                Yet death will be but a pause,

                                For the peace of my years

                                In the long green grass

                                Will be yours and yours

                                          and yours.



                Used by Violette Szabo as her code poem



The poem was written by Leo Marks,  an amazing man who,

at the age of just 22  was in charge of all the SOE agents

codes and ciphers. He soon discovered that if a well known

poem was used, it could be guessed if only a few words of it

were discovered.   So he used to compose original poems.


He subsequently gave the poem to Violette to use on her

second spying mission,  she asked  Leo who had written the

poem and he promised to find out,  and tell her when she

returned,  Violette never did return,  she was shot by a

firing squad.   What a brave women she was and what a

cleaver man Leo Marks was.

The poem was written by Leo when he heard about the death

of his fiancee in a plane crash in Canada.  

The full details are given in his very readable book

"Between Silk and Cyanide"










Shirley and Edward Dorrell History.

Posted on 19th July, 2012

My name is Shirley Dorrell and I live in Hackney with my husband Edward.

We have been making Greeting Cards for about 12 Years. 

Before this we use to make Dolls Houses,  we traveled all over England

to Doll Fairs, but this hobby was very expensive, so I started making Greeting Cards with my husband Edward which we have been very successful at.

When we first started making Cards we use to take them to the 

Art and Craft shows and sell them from a stall, as you will

see in our home page,  this was another very expensive way

in which to sell our product.

In the finish we decided to get a Website and sell them on the Internet.

Over the 12 years that we have been on the Internet we have met

some very nice people who buy from us on a reguler basis.

When these people get intouch with us to order a Card it's not like

talking to a customer,  it's just like talking to old friends, we all know

each other so well,  which makes our job very enjoyable indeed.

My Husband and myself are both retired, so making Cards with

us is more of a hobby,  we put so much effort and work into making

our Cards,  we just want our customers and friends to be happy.

We also get some wonderful letters from people saying just how

pleased they are with the quality of the Cards,  this feedback

makes it all worthwhile.     Shirley & Edward Dorrell